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Why Australian consumers shop overseas?

Posted on 06 April 2017

Summary: Australians love shopping online from international retailers, primarily from the U.S.(40%), China(32%) and UK(22%). This blog talks about the key benefits for Australian consumers to shop overseas and how ship2au can help the Australian consumers shop overseas easily.

3 Fabulous Benefits of Overseas Shopping

Overseas shopping always attracts Australian consumers. The U.S. ecommerce companies, such as eBay, Amazon, and other online stores, have witnessed a huge surge in Australian customers in the last couple of years. The survey from Roy Morgan Research has revealed that over 50 percent of Australians shop online. The data from 2016 Australia eCommerce market shows that around 69 percent of Australian online shoppers make cross-border purchases mainly from the U.S.(40%), China(32%), and the UK(22%). This cross-border trend is driven by younger adult shoppers, with those in the 18-39 age range making 54% of cross-border purchases.

Why are Australian consumer doing a lot of overseas shopping? Here are the key benefits that Australian consumers get by shopping overseas:

Lower price

It’s very likely that the price of a same product from a Chinese or American retailer is much lower than that from a local Australian retailer, because of the lower labor cost and effects of large scale economy.

Furthermore, Australia has a tax exemption on foreign purchases under A$1,000. This Low Value Threshold exemption allows Australian consumers to import duty-free when they buy from foreign retailers.

The price discrepancy is a big incentive for Australian consumers to shop overseas. In fact, many Australians are so pissed off when they have to pay a lot more for a same product here in Australia.

More options

Australia has a small population of around 24 million people, which means Australia is a much smaller market comparing to the U.S. and China. The global brands and retailers find Australia less attractive, many don’t even have presence in Australia.

Australian consumers, as a smaller customer segment, have long been ignored. Top retailers, based in the U.S. and China, have a huge variety of products, which are not available in Australia. For example, the U.S. online retailers have a huge variety of quality products in the categories of clothing, cosmetics, toys, and electronics, which are not available here in Australia.

ship2au shopping

More convenient

With the development of ecommerce, shopping online has been made easier than ever. Over 90% of Australians have internet access and are online at least once every day.

You don’t need to go to a physical store, only with a few simple clicks while sitting in your sofa, you can get your shopping done and someone will deliver the products to your home. Shopping online save you a lot of time and efforts which you can spend on more important things.

However, approximately only half of Australia’s retail businesses have an online presence, which forces digital consumers to shop abroad.

As pointed above, Australian consumer can get a lot of benefits by shopping online overseas, but are there any challenges?

Yes. The biggest issue is that many international retailer do not offer international shipping to Australia, or the international shipping cost is too expensive for Australian consumer to afford.

That’s where ship2au comes to help! With the free mailbox in the U.S. and China, Australian consumers can shop like a local in those countries, and enjoy the great discounts, deals and promotions.

All you need is to take care of prohibited and restricted items in Australia while purchasing from overseas. You can always count on Ship2AU for quality shipping services as we ship directly to Australia from the U.S. and China.

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