1. Sign up – Two account types to choose; With only 5.5 AUD membership fee, you can get 30 days free storage and 15% off on shipping fees – First month free for premium account.

2. Mailbox address – After you sign up, you will receive the U.S. and China mailbox addresses that you can use for shopping. Make sure you enter your Customer ID when checking out on merchant site.

3. Send packages to your U.S. or China mailbox. – No need to inform us before you send packages to us.

We will identify your package based on your Customer ID, and send you email notification with below details once your package arrives to us.

You will need to provide product details for customer declaration purpose.

4. Provide product details for your package

Log in to your ship2au account and add product details in “Action Require” tab. Please make sure the product description is clear and identifiable.

Click “Add a row” to add an item and click “Update this package”

5. Package Review – After you provide the product details, ship2au team will review it and make sure your product description is clear and there is no restricted item being sent.

We will finish the review in 1 business day and you will then see your package in “Ready to ship” tab.

You can choose to ship your package directly. Or you can choose to “Compress” the packages if the volumetric weight is too high.

*If you ship multiple package together, we will automatically consolidate into one box for you to receive together. No fees for consolidation.

*If you compress your package, we will repack and update the weight and dimensions after repacking, so that you will be charged based on the updated weight and dimension to save shipping cost.

6. Pay shipping fee – Once you click “Ship selected item to me” you will go to the Shipping order” page. The shipping address is your default address in Australia, and you can change to another address if you want.

After you Click “Confirm and pay” button, shipping fee will be charged to your account and you will no longer be able to edit your shipment information.

We will ship your package out within 1 business day and update you with the tracking number.