Shipping To Australia From USA

Our Vision

We aim to become the 1st choice of our consumers when they are shopping overseas and looking for a shipping service provider, by providing the most cost effective shipping service with great customer experience and service performance.

Shipping to Australia Cheap

Customer Value Proposition

Access to a great varity of top online stores in U.S. and China. Signaficantly reduce the shipping cost by using the most cost effective shipping service of ship2au.

We provide great customer experience by offering a robust web platform and great customer communication for customer to manage their shipments.

Company History

Ship2au is a joint venture of EWE GROUP PTY LTD and CB E-commerce Inc, founded in 2016.
EWE Group is an Australian company founded in 2010, specialised in cross border ecommerce logistics and parcel delivery services. With its own warehouses and facilities in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Canberra, Ship2au is committed to provide the best service to Australian customers.

CB E-commerce Inc was founded in 2013. With its strong partnership with eBay and Amazon, CB E-commerice has been providing ecommerce related services to many ecommerce companies in APAC and North America, and have built strong facilities in China and the U.S.

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